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Conditions for the development of business focused on protection of the environment and human health occur when the humankind faces global challenges. Grand Harvest Research is a company created by a team of like-minded people for carrying out independent scientific research, and for development and implementation of innovative products which are able to minimize the technogenic impact on the environment and human health.

By integration of its own scientific potential and the knowledge of the leading scientific research institutes around the world, Grand Harvest Research has been successfully developing and commercializing innovative technologies and products for agriculture for more than 10 years.

Due to a carefully verified approach to the work, we have developed and successfully introduced a line of innovative preparations based on chemically modified colloidal silver for successful protection of agricultural crops and treatment of farm animals in industrial agriculture.

In recent years, the company has enlarged rapidly, expanding the geographical scope of its activity. Currently, the developments of Grand Harvest Research are in the process of testing and application in the countries of Eastern and Western Europe, Central and South-East Asia, and Latin America.

In virtue of the active involvement of gifted specialists in the team, the company concentrates high scientific and technical potential in the field of innovative products’ elaboration for agriculture. Due to the ramified system of partners and production facilities, the company’s preparations are introduced in practice very quickly.

Grand Harvest Research is always open for cooperation with scientists and companies which share our view, policy and mission.

The mission of the company is to minimize the adverse effect of intensive agriculture on the environment and human health by searching for effective, environmentally friendly and affordable solutions for the plant growing and animal health.