Innovative immunomodulating veterinary preparation (immunomarker)

Alvita-Udivit has a pronounced anti-infective, regenerative and anti-inflammatory effect.

It is recommended to use the preparation for the prevention and treatment of immunodeficient illnesses of various etiologies, gastrointestinal, respiratory, skin, ear and urogenital infections, bacterial and viral diseases.

As part of domestic animals’ complex therapy, Alvita-Udivit helps to activate and stimulate the body’s defenses, to prevent and treat diseases of various etiologies in domestic and productive animals.

The preparation is compatible with immunotherapy and can be integrated into traditional treatment schemes in combination with medicines of other pharmacological groups.

In the antitumor therapy with chemotherapeutic medicines, Alvita-Udivit can significantly reduce the intoxication of the body. Alvita-Udivit as a monopreparation is used to stimulate nonspecific resistance for the prevention and treatment of diseases of various etiologies.


  • higher effectiveness of medicines used in the complex therapy
  • reduces animal’s antibiotic stress in the complex therapy with antibiotics
  • shortened antibiotic course (in 2/3 max) in the complex therapy
  • cut period of animal’s rehabilitation


  • prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases in productive animals
  • prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases in productive animals
  • prevention and treatment of skin, bone and otorhinolaryngological organs’ deseases in domestic animals
  • prevention and treatment of bacterial and viral diseases of skin and soft and bone tissues in domestic animals
  • treatment of tumors in domestic animals


methylglyoxal (10-12 mol/L), lysine (10-11 mol/L), 5% water solution of glucose


Solution for injection.


  • Components of Alvita-Udivit “mark” the cells with impaired metabolism, allowing the immune system to solve the problem effectively.
  • The preparation inhibits and blocks receptors of the target cell membranes helping to suppress viruses, so the virus is unable to adsorb on the substrate cell.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect of the preparation is based on the inactivation of bacterial lipopolysaccharides or on the intensification of synthesis of interleukin-18 and gamma-interferon which are anti-inflammatory cytokines in systemic inflammation.
  • The preparation accelerates the maturation of T-cells and activates neutrophils. This effect leads to improvement in cellular immune protection.


4th hazard class (low hazardous).


2 years